Why choose ARK for Teachers?

ARK for Teachers gives teachers, principals, and school districts the tools they need to promote a nurturing learning environment, encourage responsibility, and create more effective teacher/student relationships.

Educational experts such as Dr. William Glasser tell us that no learning will EVER take place in the classroom unless there is a nurturing relationship between the teacher and the student. If the student sees the teacher as an adversary, the student will fight the teacher the entire school year. However, if the student sees the teacher as an advocate, then, even if the teacher is very demanding, the student will work hard on behalf of a teacher that he believes cares for him. Sonny Donnellson, former Superintendent of the Aldine ISD (Houston), comments on the benefits of ARK, "I have come to believe that, if we want the test scores to go up, helping teachers learn how to relate to their students is at least as important as helping them to teach the curriculum."

The principles of ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) are also a key factor in alleviating the problem of school violence. If a child receives unconditional respect and regard from at least one (and hopefully all) of the adults who are important in his life, it will alleviate his or her feelings of alienation and rage. Dr. Robert Brooks, clinical psychologist with Harvard Medical School, contends that the key element in alleviating violence in our schools is to help each child to feel "connected" to a caring adult--a person whom the child feels will "be in my corner no matter what!"1 Nothing will combat the problem of school violence as will a caring cadre of parents and teachers who are intent on making children feel wanted and cared for.

Keeping kids in school requires two things: (1) parents who share with their kids the importance of education and who encourage their kids to stay in school; and (2) teachers who let their students know that they love and care about them. ARK for Teachers can help reduce the drop-out rate in your school, decrease the likelihood of school violence, and foster a more nurturing environment in which students thrive.

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The benefits that ARK for Teachers provides to schools

The ARK for Teachers process benefits the learning process in the following ways:

  • Improves test grades and scores—A nurturing classroom environment is essential in order for children to maximize the learning opportunity.
  • Lessens the potential for classroom violence—The key figure in removing student violence and disruption from the classroom is a nurturing teacher.
  • Decreases school truancy rates—Children want to go to school when they feel valued and nurtured there.
  • Provides a venue for teachers to bond as a team—ARK's peer-mentoring format is an ideal setting in which teachers can share and problem-solve.
  • Helps teachers and parents to support each other's efforts—ARK helps teachers and parents to collaborate in terms of their shared goals in educating and nurturing children.

A key provision of the "No Child Left Behind" legislation requires that all public school teachers be "highly qualified" to teach. A study released by the Denver-based Education Commission of the States (ECS) on July 14, 2003, which was based on 92 prior research studies, found that having a bachelor's or master's degree in a subject does not necessarily render a teacher effective in teaching that subject. The study suggests that effective teachers must have both a grasp of the subject and an understanding of pedagogy – the art of teaching.2 ARK provides the methodology of nurture and encouragement that helps teachers to be highly qualified instructors of children.

ARK meets and exceeds the federal requirement for parenting programs to be of long enough duration to make a sustainable difference in the lives of children and their families. ARK for Teachers enables teachers, counselors, administrators, and all other staff members to provide the caring, nurturing environment that is characteristic of all great schools.

To order ARK for Teachers today, visit our online store or contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or email the ARK Group.

ARK is State Certified Provider of Teacher Continuing Education online curricula. ARK's Texas Certified Provider number is 500597. For more information, please see www.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECOnline/certinfo/cpe.pdf


  • 1 Sullivan, Robert, "What Makes a Child Resilient?" Time Magazine, March 9, 2001, p. 35.
  • 2 Greg Toppo, "Plan would help states boost teacher qualification," USA Today, July 16 2003, 8D.