How can ARK benefit my school?

If we want to elevate students' academic performance, reduce the dropout rate, and lessen the potential for violence in our schools, it is as important for teachers to relate well to the kids as it is to teach the curriculum.

When teachers are intentional about creating a nurturing classroom environment, it tremendously increases the chances of their students staying in school and behaving responsibly in the classroom.

Our ARK for Schools curriculum is called ARK for Teachers.

ARK FOR TEACHERS programming includes three separate programs:

ARK for Teachers combines cutting-edge self-esteem research with the very best in current teaching theory. The result is a learning environment in which educators can learn new skills and can increase their ability to give young people the nurture that allows children to value themselves and become productive, successful members of society. ARK for Teachers helps teachers to address the practical aspects of teaching. It deals with topics such as effective discipline, dealing with the rebellious student, creating a nurturing classroom environment, understanding brain development, and instilling responsibility.

ARK utilizes a small group, peer-mentoring format which allows teachers to support one another through their journey to become effective teachers. The course is broken into eleven sessions (conducted semi-monthly over the first six months of the school year), providing eleven professional development hours (CEUs). The program can be implemented Pre-K through 12th grade.

ARK helps teachers develop an “empathetic mindset” in creating a nurturing classroom environment: a key element in reducing school truancy, drop out-rates, and classroom misbehavior. A positive student/teacher relationship also produces higher academic performance because students work harder for a teacher they think cares about them. Schools and school districts across the country are utilizing ARK for Teachers as a powerful tool in enhancing the social/emotional climate on their campuses.

Other ARK educational materials include ARK for Teens, which is an invaluable behavioral tool that can be used in lieu of suspending or expelling teenagers (6th-12th grades) from school. ARK for Kids is a wonderful program for elementary school teachers and counselors to use in building self-esteem and enhancing the relational and decision-making skills of 2nd through 5th grade children.

To order ARK for your school or school district, visit our online store. You can contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or email the ARK Group to discuss ARK for Teachers resources and options.