Children must have positive feelings about themselves if they are succeed in school and throughout life.

ARK for Kids is an exceptional program designed to elevate children's self-concept, increase their self-confidence, and enhance their social skills. The format is fast-paced and entertaining and provides valuable life lessons for 2nd-5th grade children. Easy to teach, ARK for Kids is dynamic, effective, and sensitive to various attention spans.

Utilizing story-telling, music, and guided activities, ARK for Kids provides tools for children to use in dealing with the social issues and situations that swirl around them. ARK for Kids also helps children establish positive connections with their teachers, which increases interest in what is being taught. Most importantly, children are introduced to the concept of unconditional love and are encouraged to value themselves and others.

The ARK for Kids Facilitator Manual is an excellent guide for the counselors and teachers who present the program.

The ARK for Kids Workbook includes such lessons as "Getting Along with Others," "Addressing Peer Pressure," "Managing Anger," "Handling Bullies," and "Making Decisions."

ARK for Kids may be implemented in a classroom on a weekly basis for a period of eight to sixteen weeks. ARK for Kids may also be used by counselors seeking to help frustrated, discouraged students who are experiencing feelings of failure. It is a wonderful educational and socialization tool for use in schools, churches, community centers, and other venues.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the ARK for Kids process work?

ARK for Kids includes an ARK for Kids Facilitator's Guide for the adult leader and an ARK for Kids Workbook for each child. The program is divided into eight lessons. Each lesson provides background information for the Facilitator's use. The lesson plans begin with music (supplied) and with a story that illustrates the lesson. The story leads to a short discussion, and a place is provided in the workbook for the children to share their understanding of the story through words, drawing of pictures, or journaling. A variety of activities follow the story and the discussion.

Group Facilitators can choose from among the activities those which best fit their group. Journal questions will be sprinkled throughout the activities so that the kids will have an opportunity to journal and to record their thoughts and feelings about the lesson.

ARK for Kids can be shared in eight one-hour group meetings, using only activities that fit into that time frame. If more meetings can be devoted to each lesson, enough lesson materials (activities, etc.) are provided to support a total of two meetings per lesson (or a total of 16 meetings for the eight lessons).

How does ARK for Kids benefit children?

The elementary years are extremely important, not only in terms of educational development but also in regard to social development. In a fun, entertaining way, ARK for Kids helps children learn how to interact positively and confidently with the people and situations around them.

How can I find out more about ARK for Kids?

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