The Children's Center for Self-Esteem, Inc., (dba The ARKGroup) was created as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1992.

In cooperation with the University of Texas School of Public Health, the ARKGroup conducted ground-breaking research in 1993 which shows the primary connection between a child’s sense of self-esteem and his receiving unconditional love from the primary adults (parents and teachers) in his life. 

Unconditional love allows a child to feel loved for who she is rather than for what she does. It involves saying to a child, “When you misbehave, I’ll have to discipline your behavior. However, I really care about you, and there is nothing you could ever do that would keep me from caring about you.” This gift of unconditional love allows a child to value herself in spite of her imperfections and is the key to high self-esteem and a positive self-concept.

In response to this research, the ARKGroup created the ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) Process in 1994. The Process has several program components, including the two primary adult offerings: ARK for Parents (and Caregivers) and ARK for Teachers:

  • ARK for Parents (and Caregivers) helps parents and other adult care-givers to develop "love-based" rather than "fear based" relationships within their families. Parents learn how to discipline behavior while still affirming the worth of the child. ARK for Parents (and Caregivers) has a secular version and a faith-based version, and the manuals and DVDs are available in Spanish and English.
  • ARK for Teachers is designed to help teachers create a nurturing classroom environment and caring relationships with their students. Studies show that a nurturing relationship between the teacher and the student is a key factor in high academic performance and in reducing the truancy and drop-out rate. Students work hard for a teacher they believe cares about them.

These two programs provide parents, teachers, and other adult caregivers the tools to enable their children to feel loved and valued while also helping children and students learn to take responsibility for their behavior.

Other ARK programs include ARK for College, ARK for Teens, and ARK for Kids.

For information on ARK programming, contact the ARKGroup at the following offices:

Houston – (281) 537-1301

Dallas – (214) 631-2ARK


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