Endorsements & Testimonials


"I am proud to support the mission of ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) and their efforts to build the self-esteem of children through adult mentoring so that every child has the confidence needed to graduate, find a rewarding career, and become an engaged member of society."

Ms. Annise Parker—Former Mayor of Houston"My children should salute ARK. They will become much healthier adults as a result of my walking through the ARK Program."


"Glenn Wilkerson is to be applauded for the ARK Program. I am certain that this book is a resource to which parents will return over and over, each time discovering new ideas that will help them to become more effective parents."

Dr. Robert Brooks—Faculty member at Harvard Medical School, acclaimed co-author of Raising Resilient Children and author of The Self-Esteem Teacher


"ARK is dynamite! It has incredible potential for making difference in the lives of parents and children."

Rev. Jerry Groom—Head Chaplain, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (the world's third largest prison system)


Coming to the classes has taught me to be able to use structure and how to not yell so much at my children. I've never really spanked my children but was pretty much always yelling and fussing. I've learned to have a personal relationship with them and sit down and talk to them first.

Francis Simpson—parent


"Estoy agradecida con las clases de ARK porque nos enseña hacer más tolerantes con nuestros hijos, a pensar muy bien las cosas antes de decirlas y nos motiva hacer cada día mejor como padres a y ano dañar la habilidad que tienen nuestros hijos."
("I am grateful for the ARK classes, because it taught us to be more tolerant with our children, to seriously think about things before saying them, and it motivates us to be better parents every day and not harm the potential that our children have.")

Martha Oro—parent


"The parenting group has helped me and the kids in several ways. It's taught me to control my anger and to stop and listen before I speak. It has also taught me to have better and more productive family meetings… The group allows you to grow in so many ways. Before there were times when I felt hopeless or defeated as a parent and the group continues to strengthen and encourage me. It lets me know I'm not perfect but there are alternative techniques that help tremendously. I will continue to use everything I've learned and share with family members as well."

Frank Thompson—parent


School Testimonials

"I had a miracle breakthrough because of ARK. This week's lesson on the Teen Brain, helped me put some things in perspective. I now understand that, in order to keep the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain that processes math, language, and critical thinking) functioning, it is important to avoid criticism, blame, and threat in dealing with students."

Kelly Minor—teacher

"ARK has been an instrumental component at our school. It has been beneficial to our parents in a variety of ways. As a result of their participation, they better understand the relationship between themselves and their children; while also allowing them to reflect on the way that they were parented. It is good to hear parents share their knowledge of unconditional love in their homes and this understanding serves to enrich not just the families lives but our entire Hinojosa EC/PK community."

Sandra Arredondo—School Principal

"The ARK Lessons provide strategies for our teachers to validate the worth of each student and to increase student confidence and success....The ARK strategies help our students realize they are valued contributors in the classroom, and this realization creates an atmosphere that reduces student behavior problems."

Alyssa Peraza—school principal


"Not only do ARK meetings give teachers a chance to share ideas about topics ranging from classroom management to dealing with students on a personal level, but they also help teachers form on-campus networks that otherwise might not have formed."

B. Garcia—teacher - Irving ISD

Parent Testimonials from Juvenile Justice

"I would like to say that ARK changed my son's attitude towards a lot of issues. And he has more respect for me and himself now.

Donita Abraham

"ARK is a dynamic program. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I had noticed a significant difference in my child's behavior and my own behavior; we talk more; we share more; we are working on total honesty with each other Great Program!"

Alice J. Fuller


"The ARK program has been a life saver at my house. We are able to speak to each other and understand each other better. The communication between my child and myself is so much better."

Kitty Moses

Teen Testimonials

"You've helped my mother and me build a better and stronger relationship filled with communication and trust. We've been able to share feelings and opinions with each other and we've learned to give a little. That's something I haven't done in at least 3 years."

Jordan Selensky


"This program helped me abundantly with my parents, at school, with friends, and in extracurricular activities."

Sarah Niman

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