ARK For Parents

Parents need practical, easy-to-use techniques and support in order to raise responsible, resilient, well-adjusted children.

ARK for Parents (and Caregivers) teaches parents and other caregivers to relate to kids in caring, supportive ways that register a tremendous, life-changing impact upon children and their families.

ARK combines cutting-edge self-esteem research with the very best in current parenting theory. The result is an environment in which adults can learn new parenting skills and can increase their ability to give young people the love and the nurture that allows children to value themselves and become joy-filled, productive members of society. ARK helps parents to address the practical aspects of parenting—dealing with topics such as effective discipline, homework, family meetings, bully-proofing, and instilling responsibility.

ARK for Parents (and Caregivers) is the approach of choice among leading educators, churches, and parents across the country. ARK is most effective when it is done utilizing a small group, peer-mentoring format with other parents supporting you through your journey to become a better parent. You may choose to start an ARK group with a small group of other parents from your child's school, your community, or your church. Or the course can be used and enjoyed as an enlightening personal journey for individual parents.

The foundation course (Course I) is implemented through one-hour weekly meetings over an eight-week period. ARK groups that wish to convene for more than eight weeks are able to study Courses II, III, and IV, which provide materials for an additional eighteen sessions. Courses I, II, III, and IV are combined in one convenient manual.

You may choose between ARK for Parents (and Caregivers), which is not religious-based, or ARK for Christian Parents, which is geared towards a faith-based parenting model. The manuals and videos are available in both English and Spanish.

There are three study options for ARK for Parents (and Caregivers). Individual parents are able to use the ARK materials on their own, going through the process at their own pace as they incorporate ARK concepts and skills into their parenting practices (the "Personal Journey" Option). However, you gain the most benefit from ARK by joining or starting an ARK group whose members meet weekly for study and support. This "Group-Study" Option can be implemented by a class leader or by group members.

For groups who want to go deeper into the concepts and materials, we recommend the third option, the "Group-Process" Option. ARK's group-process employs peer-mentoring, problem-solving group dynamics, and having a group member trained as an ARK Facilitator can help you get the most out of your meetings. Contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get information about Facilitator training.

Contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss ARK resources and options.

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