How can ARK for Christian Parents benefit my church?

One of the great tasks of the Church is to inform our young people that they are unique, beloved children of God.

ARK for Christian Parents proclaims the message that the world's greatest delivery system for unconditional love is the Christian faith. God, Who knows of our imperfections, still loves and accepts us without condition; and the proof of the unconditional nature of God's love is Jesus Christ on a cross. For those of us who would be great parents, the key lies in our learning how to love and to relate to our children in a manner that reflects the love of God.

Churches around the country are using the dynamic Christian parenting series ARK for Christian Parents. The purpose of ARK is to help us adults to become vessels through whom the unconditional love of God, revealed through Jesus Christ, is poured into the lives of our children.

ARK for Christian Parents groups are interactive and fun. They utilize a small group, peer-mentoring format where you and other parents can support and encourage one another through your journey to become great parents. ARK groups provide opportunities for parents to peer-mentor and problem-solve together.

The foundational course (Course I) is implemented through one-hour weekly meetings over an eight-week period. ARK for Christian Parents groups that wish to convene for more than eight weeks are able to study Courses II, III, and IV, which provide materials for an additional eighteen sessions. Courses I, II, III, and IV are conveniently combined into one manual/book. Each lesson begins with scripture and ends with prayer.

ARK combines cutting-edge self-esteem research with the very best in current parenting theory and theology. The result is an environment in which adults can learn new parenting skills and increase their ability to give young people the love and the nurture that allows children to value themselves as children of God. ARK helps parents to address the practical aspects of parenting—dealing with topics such as effective discipline, homework, family meetings, and instilling responsibility.

ARK groups can be one of the cornerstones in a church's Adult Christian Education Program. Shared through Sunday School classes or mid-week offerings, ARK for Christian Parents can serve as an invaluable tool for communicating God's unconditional love to our children. ARK for Christian Parents can likewise be a wonderful piece of programming for the parents of parochial school children. Or the series can be used and enjoyed as an enlightening personal journey for individual Christian parents.

To assist churches in implementing ARK for Christian Parents, we provide an "ARK Church Promotional Package" for congregations to use in stimulating the interest and participation of church members and members of the larger community. The Package includes a sample sermon, church newsletter articles, letters to church parents, and community newspaper articles.

You can purchase ARK for Christian Parents through our online store or contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or email the ARK Group to discuss ARK resources and options. The series is available in English and Spanish.

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ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) gives parents practical, easy-to-use, Bible-based techniques and support in order to raise responsible, happier children. ARK for Christian Parents is a dynamic parenting series that is perfect for a Bible study group, life group, or Sunday School class. Visit our online store to order begin your journey to more effective parenting.