Frequently asked questions

What is ARK for Christian Parents?

ARK for Christian Parents is a ground-breaking Bible-based parenting series that helps parents build better relationships with their children. The series gives parents practical, easy-to-use techniques and support in performing the most important, most difficult, and most rewarding job in the world—raising children.

You can start a faith-based ARK group with other parents, your community, your child's parochial school, or your church. ARK groups can be a key element in a church's Adult Christian Education Program. Employed as Sunday School classes or as mid-week offerings, they serve as invaluable tools for communicating God's unconditional love to our children. Click here to order ARK for Christian Parents and begin your journey to sharing God's unconditional love with the children in your life. The foundational materials are covered in Course I, which meets weekly for eight weeks. If groups wish to continue meeting, Courses II, III, and IV offer that opportunity.

Who can benefit from ARK for Christian Parents?

Anyone who has children or works with children (parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, etc.) can benefit from the ARK approach. ARK for Christian Parents teaches adults how to show unconditional love to children while encouraging their kids to make responsible, ethical choices. ARK for Christian Parents provides a Christ-centered approach to parenting. It enables great parents to become even better, and helps struggling families to develop new parenting behaviors.

What is the ARK philosophy?

ARK coaches participants in becoming vessels through whom the unconditional love of God is channeled into the lives of children. ARK teaches adults how to discipline behavior while affirming the worth of the child. As a result, young people are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and to take greater responsibility for their conduct in the future. You must hate the sin, but love the sinner.

How is ARK for Christian Parents different from other parenting programs?

Some parenting programs provide valuable information—dealing with subjects such as children's stages of physical of intellectual development. Others provide answers to specific questions regarding how to handle behavior issues. ARK is different in that it provides a "process" for parenting children. An ARK group offers parents opportunities to meet in a small group setting to peer-mentor and problem-solve parenting situations. ARK is research-based and has received a "Texas Governor's Award for Excellence in Programming."

ARK for Christian Parents is not just a parenting guide—it is a delivery system for the Gospel. It provides a new "vocabulary" in teaching adults how to be the "hands and heart" of the Christ in parenting their children.

Another unique feature about ARK for Christian Parents is that ARK groups requires no outside preparation upon the part of a leader or Facilitator. All lesson materials are on video.

Is ARK for Christian Parents for groups or for individual study?

You gain the most benefit from ARK by joining or starting an ARK group that meets weekly and supports each other. If this is not an option, though, individual parents are able to use the ARK materials on their own, going through the process at their own pace as they incorporate ARK concepts and skills into their parenting practices.

The three study option are:

  1. The "Personal Journey" Option
    The ARK for Christian Parents Manual can also be used and enjoyed (with or without the Lesson videos) to facilitate an exciting, meaningful personal journey for individual parents.
  2. The "Group-Study" Option
    Your class can watch each of the Lessons on video and then discuss it (discussion questions are provided in the Ark for Christian Parents Manual). After the class session, participants are encouraged to read the Lesson in their Manuals and apply it through the "Points to Ponder" and the workbook pages.
  3. The "Group-Process" Option
    If your group desires to expand their discussion of the concepts and materials by employing peer-mentoring techniques, we have developed a specially-designed process that requires an ARK-trained facilitator. A Facilitator's Kit—complete with a the ARK for Christian Parents Manual, a Facilitator's Guide with an accompanying video, and Lesson videos—can be ordered through our online store. To maximize the "group process" option, having a member of your organization attend one of our Facilitator trainings is recommended. For further information, contact us at at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or email the ARK Group to order materials or to enquire about Facilitator trainings.

Is ARK for Christian Parents programming for adults or for children?

ARK for Christian Parents is for adults that want to improve their relationships with their children. We also have ARK for Kids and ARK for Teens that are wonderful series geared toward youth. Click on the link to learn more about ARK for Kids or ARK for Teens.

Is ARK for Christian Parents available in other languages?

ARK for Christian Parents is available in both English and Spanish.

Is there a secular version of ARK for Christian Parents?

There are two versions for ARK's parenting series: ARK for Parents (and Caregivers), which is the secular version, and ARK for Christian Parents, which is biblically-based and geared towards a faith-based (Christian) parenting model.

Are there studies on the effectiveness of ARK for Christian Parents?

Yes. One example is the University of North Texas study: "The Impact of the ARK Program for Parents on Preschool Children's Behaviors."

How do we get ARK for Christian Parents started in our church?

ARK for Christian Parents is an amazing series for a Sunday School class, Christian life group, or other church group. The series is broken into four courses that give parents/youth workers/caregivers practical, easy-to-use techniques and support in order to communicate God's unconditional love to our children. Click here to order ARK for Christian Parents today.

How can I find out more about ARK for Christian Parents?

Contact us at 888-ARK-8922 (888-275-0744), or email the ARK Group to discuss ARK for Christian Parents resources and options.