Our Mission

The mission of The ARKGroup is to educate adults in becoming more intentional and skilled at developing caring relationships and providing the unconditional love that builds the self-esteem and elevates the self-concept of children.

Our Vision

Unconditional love involves saying to a child, "While there will be consequences for any misbehavior, you are my child/student and I care about you, and there is nothing that you can ever do that will keep me from caring about you." This gift of unconditional love allows a child/student to value himself in spite of his imperfections and is the key to high self-esteem. It requires loving a child/student for who she is rather than for what she does.

The concepts embodied in ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) are research-driven (and were developed in cooperation with the University of Texas’ School of Public Health). ARK programs for Parents, Teachers, Teens, and Kids are the model for 21st century families and communities to employ in helping great parents and other adults to become even better at our most important task—raising and teaching children.

Our vision is to change society with the principles of unconditional love—one child, one school, one church, one community at a time.